Tuesday, August 20, 2019


Hi all out there in blog land. I hope all is well and you're having a crafty good time!

Life has become busy both personally and in the crafting world. As some of you may know, I am a caregiver (sort of) for my mom who's Alzheimer's is progressing. She is living in an assisted living home but I check in on her more often these days, take her out to doctor appointments, shop, lunch, nails...you know girl time at least once a week. I so enjoy our time together and know that in time she will possibly not be able to do these things. It's sad but reality.

Visits to my grandma have become a bit more frequent as well. She's well, 103 so her needs of having her family around her have become more frequent. Understandably.

I have two adorable miniature schnauzers who are aging and their vet visits for the ailments are becoming more and more often. Poor little sweeties.

My husband has a kidney condition that requires many doctor appointments that he typically goes on his own, is preference, but I do go when he asks for my support. He's an independent man.

Household repairs, yard work, tending to the garden...well, you get the picture. Life just gets in the way of my crafting needs. Ha ha!

Then there's trying to find "me" time for myself. Whether it's a glass of wine in the backyard, a quick walk on the beach or a 10 minute bubble bath a couple of times a week. I do it. It's important.

The bakery that I'm selling my cards at have now asked that I design and make cake toppers for their cakes. Since I'm starting from ground zero, meaning I've never done that before, I'm testing papers, wood, plastic...It's all to see what works best and looks professional. They will be offering them to their customers. In the next week or so I'm going to be sitting down with the owners and deciding which designs they like the best and creating a catalog to show their customers.

I am also making and selling cards at the bakery. I'm averaging about 10-20 cards a month. I recently replied to an email about a neighborhood craft show and someone left a comment saying they loved my cards and buy from the bakery quite often. It was quite an ego boost if you know what I mean?

So, to get to the point of this blog post. Keeping up with the creations then posting them daily on all the social media sights takes up a lot of time so I've decided to post the entire weeks' creations all in one post on Saturday mornings.

I do upload the youtube videos 2 or 3 times a week but any of the other creations I make that aren't done on video will be in the Weekly Crafty Update.

Thanks all so much for following me. I appreciate it more than you know.

Big hugs and crafty smooches,



  1. GOOD MORNING Kim What an Interesting a Awesome Post you really are a great writer...you sure have been having lots going on and love that you squeeze a bit of time in to pamper yourself....you are one Super Incredible Loving, Sweet and Thoughtful gal...you manage to take care of everybody and the fact that you pointed out it's important to take care of yourself too....your little light shines ever so brightly inside and out as you go throughout your 24/7/365!! You light up my life in every which way!! BIG HUGS MUCH LOVE

  2. Thanks so much Joan. I know of all people you understand. Hugs.