Friday, February 1, 2019

Update: Pop Up Destash

Oh my gosh! The Pop Up Destash sales are going great. I had one of my youtube subscribers (Sunshine Creations and Crafts) mention my email wasn't working so I checked into and noticed that I had mistyped the email address on the video intro. I've fixed the problem and apologize if anyone else has had that problem. I will also include a link on the description that you can click on and go directly to my email address. The sales are happening so fast that I have not had time to post the videos here on my blog.

I wish the shipping costs weren't so high and as of January 27, 2019 they have increased. I do have a (Stamp and Shipping cost update) monthly subscription and get a discount on my stamps and shipping. If you ship a lot definitely check on that. They provide a scale (additional cost) too. Do you use a different service? Please share with us.

I've gone to USPS and UPS to see which is the least expensive and found that the flat rate boxes from USPS are the best if the weight is 2lbs and higher. The challenge is the 12 x 12 papers. The medium flat rate box works for that but it's now $14.35 if you ship them through the post office. With I do get a discount. They are free if you go into the post office or order through USPS on line. Cool, right? I have also been told by the USPS employee that I can reduce the size of the 19 x 11 1/4 envelopes to measure 13 x 11 1/4. It'll cut the cost down as well.

Thank you all so much for helping me out with destashing my unused card and scrapbooking embellishments and papers and to those who have bought them. Confession: some of the things I've had for such a long time and know I'll never use them but am still having a hard time letting them go.

Hugs to you all,

Kim <3

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