Saturday, December 8, 2018

Christmas 2018 Cards and Crafts Series - Card #2

I'm on a roll and using my ol'...old...embellishments for this cards and crafts series.
If you've watched the youtube video you see that I was hesitant to use the Tomboy glue for the pom poms. I did set the cards under a heavy book as it dried and it worked just fine!

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  1. Kim Oh Kim You really have created Spectacular cards and what is totally blowing me away you're using like next to nuttin'....and yet your creating Gorgeous, sweet and darling you've proven without a doubt no need to rush out and buy stuff...or complain one has nothing to use....Oh girl you've proven beyond a doubt look in your stash and who doesn't have a Christmas Stash now c'mon everyone we all do...and Kim is showing us the Creative way to just make Incredibly Fabulous Christmas Cards. So thanks Kim for your out Outstanding tutorial and the inspiration to get crack-a-lackin and creat!! YOU so ROCK!!