Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Birthday Card - Best Wishes

I have friends that I talk (text, skype, FB) almost everyday, friends I've just met and friends I've known most all my life. I have friends that live in different towns, states and one that lives all the way in Australia (Hi Lindsey!). They are all different yet we all have one thing in common a true bond of what a friendship really is. We trust one another and we lift one another up. My crafty friends and me share our creations too whether it may be through email or texting. I just love it. They always inspire me. And then there are friends that I've never met but email almost everyday. I cherish each and every one.

This card is for the most dearest friends that I've not met yet. She started out by being a youtube subscriber but over time she and I have developed a wonderful friendship. We say we're "sistas from another mista" just because we have soooo much in common. We laugh, we have serious conversations, we share our families. I am truly blessed to know her.

Here is the birthday card I made her.

Thank you Joan for always being there for me.


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