Wednesday, May 18, 2016


I just wanted to update you all.

It all started at the beginning of May when my mom and I had to start planning and organizing my grandma's 100th birthday at the skilled nursing home she's at. It was a success and she was very
happy. She's such an inspiration.

Moving forward...literally...we're moving into a different house just 3 miles away. It's so beautiful.
My craft room isn't much bigger than I have now but I'll figure out a way to make it work. We get the keys on June 21, carpet cleaners come in on June 22 and moving day is June 23rd. I've been going through all of our cabinets and trying to figure out what to donate and what to keep. We've been in our current house for 18 years. We've accumulated ALOT of stuff. Kyle and Jordan are really stepping up and helping out.

The tricky part is that Jordan's high school graduation ceremony is June 22. So...we'll be doing some juggling around on that day.

Then Jordan, Kyle and I will be heading to Austin, Texas just 5 days after we move in to check out the campuses and housing. Kyle and I have friends (in Texas) so we'll be doing some visiting while Jordan attends a gaming convention and networking meeting. We'll be flying in on 4th of July! How crazy is that?

I'm trying to just take it day to day and not get stressed. My body is telling me to slow down but my mind is saying "Get this done!"

So, I'll be catching up with you all when I can.


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  1. OMG Kim....What a whirl wind you've been on!!
    WOW lots of happy things tho...How exciting it all is...but nothing tops the fact that your Grandma is 100 years young!!! You have to be the happiest gal on the planet because you know what they say. "Busy People are Happy People"
    Nuf said!! YOU so ROCK!!!!!