Sunday, January 3, 2016

(Crafting) New Year's resolutions

Do you have crafting resolutions? I see the planner has come back. Are you using a planner? I use my iPhone for everything and will stick to that...for now.

I'm going to continue making my Grandma's calendars and I want to make a monthly banner for my mom's apartment door. The one thing, and I think this is actually funny, that I don't find/make time to do, is birthday cards for my friends and family. Me, a card maker, not send out birthday cards? That is my first crafting resolution.

I started scrap booking about 6 years ago and since then I've said 1 billion times, "I need to start my boy's baby books." Now, this is going to be a process because I haven't gone through all their pictures yet. Then, it's deciding which one's to I'll at least get Kyle's (my 20 year old) started and hopefully done by the time he turns 21 in June. He may not keep the book now but at least he can look through it and know that it's here if he ever really wants it. It will be fun to share with his kid(s) aka my grandkid(s) some day. 

Every month a local craft store "Craft Envy" has a weekend event. 24/3. They don't close their doors from Friday to Sunday. I go home Friday night, sleep then head out early in the morning. Then I do the same Saturday. I want to try and do this every month. My hubby will just need to understand that this is important to me to have "me" time and to hang with the gals. He's supportive because he sees it makes me happy but doesn't quite get why I get enjoyment out of it. I dedicate most every day to my family now including my mom. This would be a time to rejuvenate myself.

Happy New Year to you all,


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  1. Hi Happy 1st Monday in 2016. Great piece you wrote about your crafting resolutions! Your Scrapbooking event 1 week end a month sounds like fun! I like too that it is a focused creative plan and it's a fun one'll be a happy & fun scrapping journey creating Jordan's scrapbook looking forward to taking this journey with you through your pics & videos. Looking forward too to seeing your Mom's banner's, your grandma's calendars and the birthday cards it's going to be a scraptasic & fantastic year fou you....enjoy!!
    YOU so ROCK!!