Sunday, December 13, 2015

Catching up

The holiday "responsibilities" seem to be consuming my much neededcrafting time. I'm doing a bit here and there but am also trying to get shopping done, visiting with my Grandma, taking care of my mom, baking and stuff like know the drill. I swear I'll be starting my holiday crafts in August next year and not waiting until November. 

I had made 3 really cute designs of Christmas cards, took a picture of them all so I could share but can't seem to find them on my SD card! Crazy!

The senior card class was fun. I posted a video of the card we made. Here's the link if you didn't get a chance to watch it. I'll be thinking about a Valentine's Day themed card for the January class.

Tomorrow my husband goes in for surgery on his sinuses. They're impacted and have been for years. He's never had any kind of surgery before so he's a bit nervous. His snoring should start to minimize, he'll be able to breath better and sleep better (me too!). He'll be taking the week off so I'll be giving him the attention he needs...wants? If he's doing ok I'll be in my craft room finishing up my tree ornaments. 

Thanks all for stopping by!


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  1. Good Morning Kim, Wow girl you sure have been a busy, busy gal my goodness but you know what you do it all and do it well...YOU ROCK!!

    Will so have Bob in my thoughts and prayers this morning and I know Nurse Kim will be taking great care of him and everyone else. Girl you are the best!!!

    God Bess You!!