Sunday, November 15, 2015

Thinking of You Cards

My girlfriend's son is currently going to film school. He's filming a 30 second commercial, as a project, and asked me last week if he could use one of my "Thinking of You" cards. Ironically, I didn't have any already made up. So, here's the 3 cards I just made that he can chose from....

A women walks in from work, puts down her brief case, pats her dog on the head, says hello to her husband who is in the kitchen fixing dinner and give her little boy a big hug as he turns and runs back into his bedroom. She's feeling exhausted.
She sits at the small desk in the living room and as she flips through the mail she comes across an envelope that her mom has sent.
She opens it, finds a beautifully handcrafted "Thinking of You" card made by Sunshine Creations and Crafts that her mom sent.

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  1. Oh WOW Kim what beautiful & Gorgeous cards. WOW.....!!!
    What an awesome story line too.....that's so cool about his 30 second commercial.....your butterfly card is so beautiful and love how they are dimensional, your flower card is so pretty and love the colors & your vase of flowers is your stones I. The bottom of the vase look so real as does the water. Gosh how did you do this and your flowers are so pretty....Girl you definitiely created your heart out & did super outstanding creative jobs!! I'm excited for everyone to see his commercial!! YOU ROCK!!

  2. Thanks Joan. I used the Nuvo for the butterflies dots <3
    The commercial is not going to air on TV. It's just a school project.