Thursday, October 29, 2015

Spirit Believer

This a "way out there" kind of post but here goes anyway.

10 years ago my mom's husband, Paul, was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I drove to Utah to see him just 3 weeks before he passed. As he lay on the couch, I held his hand and said, "Don't worry, Paul, I will always take care of my mom."

A few nights ago, Jordan (my youngest son/17 years old) and I were talking in the family room.
As I looked at him a white image (the only way could describe it) floated behind him. I said, "What's that floating behind you." Jordan told me that he had got chills and so did I. I walked over to the area that I saw the image but felt nothing.

A few minutes later, Jordan saw it floating and moving toward the coffee pot. He stopped talking immediately. Then the coffee pot turned on.

Now, Papa (Paul) loved coffee! He, like my mom, drank coffee all day long.

I've only experienced this one other time in my life but it was when I was alone. Jordan and I both experienced this and think that Paul came to visit to let us know he approves of my mom living close to us and to thank us for taking care of her.

For those who have never experienced this before I completely understand how ridiculous it sounds but if you've experienced something like this you know exactly how it feels.


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  1. Oh, totally believe in Spirit. I have had experiences with my Mom & Grandma. So glad to count you in as a believer!