Thursday, October 29, 2015

Just-A-Scrappin Design Team - Halloween

Hey all!

For this week's challenge we're creating "Halloween" themed project. Now, I usually do a card but decided that I'd take the opportunity to make some more decorations for my front door. I don't like to scare the little ones but I don't think these are too scary. Maybe they'll be overwhelmed by the

How I made them....
Cricut Design Space Images from Creepy Critters. I cut them at 3 inches in height. This are a 2 layers to this image so I cut the back in yellow. You could do glitter paper in red to make them creepier.
I used bakers twine to hang them.

If you'd like to see how I made them click on this link to watch it on youtube.

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Spirit Believer

This a "way out there" kind of post but here goes anyway.

10 years ago my mom's husband, Paul, was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I drove to Utah to see him just 3 weeks before he passed. As he lay on the couch, I held his hand and said, "Don't worry, Paul, I will always take care of my mom."

A few nights ago, Jordan (my youngest son/17 years old) and I were talking in the family room.
As I looked at him a white image (the only way could describe it) floated behind him. I said, "What's that floating behind you." Jordan told me that he had got chills and so did I. I walked over to the area that I saw the image but felt nothing.

A few minutes later, Jordan saw it floating and moving toward the coffee pot. He stopped talking immediately. Then the coffee pot turned on.

Now, Papa (Paul) loved coffee! He, like my mom, drank coffee all day long.

I've only experienced this one other time in my life but it was when I was alone. Jordan and I both experienced this and think that Paul came to visit to let us know he approves of my mom living close to us and to thank us for taking care of her.

For those who have never experienced this before I completely understand how ridiculous it sounds but if you've experienced something like this you know exactly how it feels.


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

November Calendar

Here's the November calendar I made for my Grandma. Last month I didn't get it to her until October 19th because I was taking care of my mom so I wanted to make sure I got this month's calendar done early.
In the envelope I'll be putting homemade snicker doodles. Yummy!

Materials used:
Base: Scrapbook layout sheet (unknown)
Owl: Create A Critter using the print and cut feature. I also used the color changing feature (one of my favorite features of the CDS)
Numbers: Designer's Calendar
November: Designer Calendar
So Thanksful: Sticker

If you'd like to watch how I made it click on the link below:

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

October Calendar

Thank you all for join me in my first therapy session of being back in my craft room. It's been a month! I'll explain everything in the video below.

Thanks so much for watching!


Crafting therapy and my mom

I'm back in my craft room getting therapy. It's been a month that I started taking care of my mom who's been in here sleeping on my sofa bed. I'm so blessed to have had her here and to be able to take care of her this whole time.

My mom has been the most wonderful mother a daughter could ask for. She always supported me in everything I did whether it be digging dirt holes in my back yard to sit in, buying me a lamb for my 4H project, teaching me how to cook, drying my tears from heart brakes, instilling that doing the right thing brings good consequences, marching along side of me when I was drill team captain, letting me move back in 3 times after I'd moved out, being by my side for the birth of both my son's, and losing two husbands to cancer. There's so much more.
Now, it is time for me to take care of her. She's in her new apartment down the street from me with minimal amount of furniture but all of her belongings will be here by the 24th. It saddens me that she is not happy right now. Even though the dementia is causing memory loss she's a strong woman and does not like to be "taken care of".

I pray that once all her familiar belongings arrive she will start to feel more settled in.
Big Hug to my momma.


Thursday, October 8, 2015

Update on my Mom

The surgery on the compression fracture of the T12 was a success. The doctor could not fix the T3 but it wasn't hurting her prior to the surgery. She's sleeping off the anesthesia now with my sweet Schazti laying next to her.
I'm so glad she's not going to be in pain anymore.


Thursday, October 1, 2015

Catching up

My last blog I mentioned my mom was coming to town. So much has happened since the 10th of September. We celebrated her 78th birthday! It was fun. We then drove up to see my Grandma. She's doing great but we did notice her mind slipping a bit. All is good though with her general health. We (my older sister and I) had to talk to my mom about her declining memory issues. 2 years ago she was diagnosed with Advanced Age Related dimentia. My mom agreed that she needs to go back to the neurologist. She wanted to go home for a few days so I flew home with her to Nevada. At 5:30 a.m., the morning, on 9/21, the day we were flying back to my house,  I heard a tumb noise. I figured it was her neighbor and dozed back to sleep. I woke up an hour later to find her sitting on the couch with a big black eye. She told me she woke up and forgot where she was, ran smack into the wall and fell down.  At that time she didn't complain of anything hutung. Fast forward: She was diagnosed with dimentia, she has a fractured tailbone and a compression fracture in her back plus really high blood ready to have a stroke or heart attack high.
We found out about the compression fracture because she was having a lot of pain and asked me to bring her to ER. She's going to be here for a while.
I'm sad about all this but am so blessed that she is here in California with me so I can take care of her. Her dimentia is moderate so she can still feed herself, bath, etc. but her memory just isn't quite there.
It's going to be a few very special years ahead of us.
Thanks for listening.