Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Where Did She Go?

Are you asking yourself what the heck happen to Kim? She hasn't posted anything on her blog in a while.

#1: Currently making 20 Crate Candy holders needed by tomorrow.

#2: In the process of making 164 (36 designs) of Thanksgiving and Christmas cards for the Elementary School Harvest Fundraiser Boutique for Thursday. I've already posted the Thanksgiving card videos. The Christmas card videos will start November 3rd.

Coming up:
25 - 30 page Scrapbook "Recipe" themed for my girl friend's daughter as a Christmas gift. I should have it finished by the first week in December. This one is going to be a lot of work but fun too! I'll post the finished product and do a video on youtube.

If (crossing my fingers) all my cards sell at the boutique I'll need to make more for the two upcoming fundraiser boutiques. One is for another elementary school and the other is for a local church. All of these boutiques are fundraisers for the facility so I donate the money.

Mom's coming to town November 21 - 30. I'll be taking her up to see my Grandma and Uncle then flying back to Nevada with her on the 30th for a few days. My son, Kyle, is thinking about going with us to visit my grandma and help build a 6 x 6 x 12 outside "cat" house. About 8 months ago, they took in a stray and she had babies. Well, they didn't have the heart to get rid of the 6 kittens so they kept them. They're running a muck in the house so they want a "cat" house for the outside. It'll be interesting.

That's all for now.



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  2. OMG You sure are busy gal and have to be the happiest gal in your town as after all as they saying goes " Happy People are bush People" Just sayin'!! That's pretty awesome that you;re taking you mom to visit your grandma that's so awesome to say the least wow and your son's going too.....WOW 4 Generations now this will be the perfect photo for a LO!!

    WOW can't wait to see all the cards you made and your Scrabook Themed Recipe Book...as well as your Crate Candy Holders and the list goes on!! WOW girl you truly are the Craftin' Diva!!

    Oh and maybe pics of Kyle building the "Cat House"
    you are going to have the best pics in your scrapbook OH and did you take any Selfies making your cards hey good LO pics too....just sayin' YOU so ROCK!!