Sunday, July 20, 2014

Creative Time

One of the challenges I think most of us scrapbookers, cardmakers, artists, etc. face is finding the time to create. How do you resolve this problem? Quite often, my creative time is when I first wake up, after I've had my coffee of course, and my mind is fresh. The house is quiet and those creative juices begin to flow. I set out the paper and supplies and just as I'm ready to get started either my husband or one of my boys wakes up It's really quite dare them, right. Kidding.
I think, however, I have resolved this problem but I foresee a challenge. I'm going to talk to my guys (husband and boys) and tell them that every Tuesday is my "Creative Time". Yes, I will make dinner but during the day there will be no doctor or vet appointments, no errands to run, they can fix their own lunch (while still on summer vacation), no laundry, no cleaning house, no paying bills, no drama, no interruptions....just creating. Now, here's the challenge: Will the creative juices be flowing every Tuesday? How do I make sure this happens?
My plan is to first decide what I'd like to do on that day. Is it make a card for a friend for family member? Is it doing a layout for my 2013 album? Is it doing a mixed media project or painting perhaps? I will search the web to be inspired and look through magazines. This always gets me going. I can actually do this Monday night as I drink my nightly Chamomile tea.
So, that's the plan. I may have time here and there throughout the week to pop in the 'ol craft room and make something but Tuesday is MY day.
Thank you all for stopping by. Have a sun shiny (raining here in Central California today) day.