Saturday, April 12, 2014

Spring Fling Boutique

Good morning everyone! 5 years ago I started my crafting hobby by scrapbooking. After about a year of that I made Holiday cards for my friends and family who all were so "impressed" that they encouraged me to start a card business. My husband got the resale certificate, business license, etc. and off I went. My son set up my website, I set up a blog, sold at boutiques and fundraisers AND had an opportunity to sell my cards in a Mail Center Store (kind of like UPS). I picked up clients in Japan and all over the United States. It's been such an exciting adventure.
Today, I'll be selling my creations at a neighborhood boutique. I'm really excited about it. There are over 100 people confirmed to attend. For me, though, it's not just about selling my creations. It's also about sharing them and hopefully inspiring people to try the paper crafting world themselves. It's truly therapeutic, relaxing and fun. In addition, it's about being with girlfriends who are Entrepreneurs just like me.
Thank you all for following me and I hope to continue to inspire you!


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  1. Good luck Kim I'm sure you will sell well, your creations are wonderful!