Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring Fling - Gift Bag, Coordinating Note Card Folder, Note Cards and Envelopes "Perfect The Way You Are"

Twice a year my friend, Cynthia, has a neighborhood boutique. It's on April 12th. Ladies that sell Avon, Gourmet Coffee, Scented Candles, Thirty One Gifts, Nexium and more will be selling their goods. Oh, me too! I'm the only vendor that will be selling handcrafted items. I'm trying to focus on Mother's Day cards, gifts, etc. Here is one of the gifts I've made.

 This is a handmade gift bag. I've also made a folder that holds 6 envelopes and 6 matching note cards. I want to ask $15 but know that they probably won't sell for that much. It's a neighborhood boutique and people tend not to want to pay a lot for handcrafted things. So, what do you think? $12.50 or should I go as low as $10. It takes me about 1 1/2 hours to make these. $10 is my cost for materials and labor. I certainly do not want these sitting in my garage.
I have a few more I'll be posting too.

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  1. I think $15 but as you say people don't tend to realise the work that goes into it and cost of materials so I would try $12.50, it sounds like a wonderful idea and this would be a fabulous gift any mom or anyone would love!