Friday, March 28, 2014

April Daily Motivational Projects (Postponed)

I was just sitting here looking at my April calendar, for both personal and business, and trying to be realistic about how I'm going to be able to get everything done.
April 2 - 8: My sister is coming to visit me from Washington. Yipee! We have so much fun hanging out. She wants to do some touring to Venice and places like that. My craft room is my guest room so it'll be shut down for the week except for Friday April 4th. She'll be gone visiting friends.
April 12 - Spring Fling Boutique. I'm trying to get product done to sell
April 13 - My baby's 16 birthday. 16! Oh my gosh! He's just grown up so fast.
April 20 - Easter. I need to squeeze in making some Easter cards.


I love being busy but I need to prioritize so the DMP has to be postponed.



  1. completely understandable Kim, you have a lot to do! April is a busy month for me too with Easter and my birthday and my hubby's and of course better Spring weather here so we can actually go out for walks and enjoy it so I'll probably have less time to craft but I'll be just happy when Spring arrives and we can go out more!!!

  2. Kim, please tell me the name of the Spellbinders set you used on the glitter Easter card. Is it Elegant Ovals? Thanks, Jil.

  3. Thanks for the heads up so I'm not buggin' you with a bunch of Are You OK PM's Have fun with your sis and celebrating your son's 16th at least you'll still be having fun I will miss you but every time I drink a Kuppa Kuppa when I'm on You Tube I'll raise my cup and say.....
    "Here's to you Kim" (LOL) enjoy your April!!!!!