Wednesday, March 26, 2014

April Daily Motivational Projects

I've been rackin' my brain trying to decide on what to do for April's DMP. Here's what I've come up with so far. I do need some suggestions for Wednesdays. I would love it if you'd join me in any or all of these DMP. Just email me your picture(s) with permission to post it on my blog! We could all use some inspiration.

Monday - Mixed Media Monday. I'm keeping this for selfish reasons. I want to continue trying to learn more about this.
Tuesday - Inspiration Tuesday. This day would be about making projects, cards, layouts, etc. that I've seen on youtube, Pinterest, Etsy, blogs, etc. that have inspired me.
Wednesday - Help. Sorry...not sure yet. Any ideas?
Thursday - Mother's Day Bouquet Cricut cartridge Series.
Friday - Frantic Scrapbook Friday. I've decided to keep this one as well. It's really helping me get my album done.

Also, for the month of April (up until April 11th) I'll be sharing a few of the products I'll be selling at the Spring Fling Boutique I'm attending. I hope there is a good turnout. Last time I did a fundraiser boutique no one showed up. Sad...

Thanks all for following me through this crazy crafting world we live in!


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  1. how about Wednesday - cartridge Wednesday, you pick a cartridge to make something from if you're using Cricut or pick 2 or 3 items - ribbon, buttons, stamp etc...just throwing stuff out there : )