Monday, February 24, 2014

Spring In Febraury

I usually post paper crafting and art projects but I walked outside this morning to these BEAUTIFUL flowers and wanted to share.
I believe this is a Lilac. This is my Grandma's favorite flower.

 These are from our Cherry Blossom tree.

This is a yellow Daffodil. It almost looks like it could start singing like the one's in the Tiki Room at Disneyland.

I have no clue what this is called but it's going to take over the world. 
I planted one of these in my front yard years ago and now there are 5 of them and still 
consuming my yard. I even had our gardener pull most of them out so I could plant a different
type of flower but they came right full force.

This is Jasmine. It smells SO wonderful!

 The lone survivor of the garden we planted last year.

A white Climbing Rose

Not sure the name of this one.

Buckwheat. Kyle says it helps bring nutrients to the soil plus he can cook with it.

Hey, an artichoke is a flower too!

Carolina Jasmine. 


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  1. you have a lovely garden Kim, so nice to see signs of a very early Spring there but I heard CA is in a drought aren't you? Your garden is doing very well though! No signs of Spring here yet but it will come. We're hoping to move back to Australia this year or next, our garden will have a very tropical feel to it as where we will be living is a tropical climate (can't wait after the cold Chicago winters!!), Frangipanis are my favourites.