Thursday, January 9, 2014

Valentine's Day Cards and Projects Series #7 - Tea Bag Holder

I've used my "Sweet Treat Sweetie" stamp set from Avocado Arts ( to create the tag for inside this really cute tea bag holder. There are so many different designs of tea bag holders out there. This one was a bit challenging for me in the beginning but it was worth it. Now, I did do a video on this ( but I gave the wrong score line instructions. So, see below for the correct information.

Card stock: You should use double sided card stock for this design.
   On the left is Stampin' Up card stock. I bought this from Janis (
   On the right is Martha Stewart Valentine's themed paper

Correction for the score lines:
On the 12 " side score at 1 1/4,  2 1/2,  5,  7,  9 1/2.
On the 8 1/2 side score it at 2 1/2 and 6.

Trying to explain the rest of the process in words is difficult so if you don't mind, go ahead and click on my link above to see how it's done.

Thanks and I hope you're having a sun shiny day.


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