Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fundraiser Boutique

Well, one week from today is a the high school's fundraiser boutique. Although I've got a lot done I still have so many more projects I'd like to complete. I plan Friday to do a video of all the items I'll be selling. I'm excited but kind of feeling anxious about whether all of it is going to sell or not. I'm hopeful but realistic because as you all know handmade items don't always sell. It can be discouraging but I try to look at it as I sure had fun creating everything and will use the items left over for gifts to my friends and family. Stay tuned!
Thanks all for stopping by and have a sunshiny day.


  1. Hi Kim you know everything you made is so unbelievably unique, clever and very creative they are all one of a kind so I feel this is exactly what anyone and everyone want for themselves or to give as a gift. I truly feel you will be the kit of the fundraiser. It's only natural to feel a little anxious and yes some people comments are hurtful but that's only because they have no idea what goes into a hand made creation so sucks to be them and then there are those who are a bit jealous of what you've created but hopefully none of these people stop by your booth as they just don't know the golden rule again that would suck to be them.
    I love each and every piece you created and I feel everyone is in for a treat and know that they are all treasure to be had.

  2. You are SO right. A few months back, when I sold my cards at a local shipping store, I was taking inventory and a lady came in looked at the cards (not knowing I had made them), said, "Aren't these cards absolutely beautiful?" I replied, "Yes and they're all hand made." She the commented, "But $5.00 for a card? That's alot of money." The polite person that I am just smiled and responded, "There's a lot of work put into the design and creations of handmade products. I think $5.00 is a steal." She ended up buy 4 people...Keeping things into perspective what matters is that I like what I've created and I truly enjoyed doing it. Yes, it does suck for them :-)