Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fundraiser Boutique Results

Good News. Bad News. I'll start with the bad news...the turn out wasn't as expected. Good News is that I sold one of my Halloween Banners, met a lot of really great men and women (vendors) and my $60 vendor fee I paid will go to the High School's Choir program. One of the vendors loved my mini albums and asked if I'd do one for her new born baby grandson. Fun, right? More good news. I won't need to do a lot Christmas gift shopping for not just family but the mail carrier, milk man, gardener, pool guy...well you get it. I'm going to make chocolate chip cookies and put them in the Halloween Treat Boxes I made and give them to the cute little neighbor kids that live next door and across the street from me. So, everything will be put to good use.
Next week, I'm making 90 Halloween pencil toppers for my teacher friend and co-teachers's 2nd grade classes for their Halloween Parties.. I LOVE the Halloween characters in Paper Doll Dress Up Cricut cartridge but I don't have that one. Can you believe it? I've reached out to a few of my friends to see if I can borrow one. I've just signed up for the Cricut Craft Room but haven't figured out how I can just buy a few of the characters. I don't want the whole cartridge. Do any of you know how?
After Halloween, you won't hear from me a whole lot. My mom is coming to town to see the doctors here in California. The doctors in Nevada are not helping her get better so she's going to stay here for a bit. My craft room is also the guest room so once the hide a bed is pulled out I can't get to my stuff. I want to try and get some Thanksgiving cards done but we'll see what happens.
All of the scrapbook mini albums, altered purses and mini drawers are for sale so if you know anyone that might be interested just let me know.
Hugs and have a sunshiny day!

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